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Nothing beats a relaxing bath or shower. Here at Gales, I strive to make the best bath bombs, bubble bars and shower steamers out there. I make everything from a nice guilty pleasure bath to a sinus relief shower steamer to make you feel better during a cold. If you don't see a scent or a particular bath product, let me know and I will do my best to make it for you!!

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Milk and Honey Bath Bombs Crazy Cotton Candy Bath Bomb Wish Upon A Star Bath Bomb

Relax in a nice hot bathtub with coconut oil to soothe your tired body. This decadent bath bomb is like nothing else you've ever experienced! The milk and honey in this bath bomb gives a soft and silky effect to your skin. Made with coconut oil, this bath bomb is super moisturizing. Place this bath bomb in a warm bath and enjoy the fizzy goodness! Buy individual bath bombs or this comes in a 3 pack.

Go a little crazy with our Cotton Candy scented bath bombs. Comes in vibrant neon colors. Choose from blue/pink or yellow/orange.
Launch this beauty into your bath tub and let it make you feel like a Star! Choose from a few color options for your star!